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Klezmer is a popular music genre that has its roots in the Jewish culture of old Central and Eastern Europe.

For centuries travelling musicians have played at weddings and other celebrations, both Jewish and non-Jewish.
The musicians did not possess any higher music education; however, as travelling musicians they learned to perform everything required to entertain at parties, from the ceremonial pompous to unrestrained happy dance music.

Travelling musicians have always let the klezmer music develop in close contact with its surroundings, and in this way many elements have been integrated. East European folk music, gypsy music, jazz have all added new life to klezmer music.

Klezmer music does not stand still and the development continues as this vigorous music genre continues to experience, gathering new energy as it is exposed to completely new influences.
Together with many others 'Trio Klezmer' is taking part in making the tradition go on.

info@trioklezmer.dk  -  phone : 20 83 50 62
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