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A contemporary Klezmer queen, Channe Nussbaum grew up with this music.
During her carrier she has performed in other genres, now however
she has returned to her starting point : Klezmer.

With three widely acclaimed CDs Channe Nussbaum has positioned herself as a leading figure within Klezmer music in Denmark.
She has been a singer/songwriter for years, and with the latest CD 'Trio Klezmer' she has entered yet another phase of her career.

With her other band 'Spielniks' she and Torben Steno, among others, play a more modern and pop oriented interpretation of klezmer. They have in recent years released two CDs "Copenhagen Klezmer' & 'Jidishe Mame', and played abroad in Poland, Hungary, Germany, Sweden and Norway among other countries. The band has been awarded the music award of Rødovre Kommune and was elected by the major Danish daily 'Jyllands Posten' among the top 6 live bands in 2001.

The trio Nussbaum - Smidl - Ougaard plays traditional klezmer and Yiddish songs. Together with Mette Smidl and Oyvind Ougaard, Channe Nussbaum has created a strong and personal CD that brings forward new sides of her talent. In addition to the release in Denmark, this CD has also been released abroad.


Born and raised with classical music and with a heart that beats for the gipsy
soul. Her violin playing brings it all together.

Mette Smidl´s Hungarian ancestors really announce themselves in her violin playing. The almost natural virtuosity known from Hungarian Czarda violinists is one of her trademarks.

She has been educated in classical music, however along this track she has always cultivated the vital popular music – not least gipsy music, and she has also attracted attention with the ensembles "Gypsy Jam", "Trio Czardas" and "Donau Swing".
Together with "Gypsy Jam" she has recorded the CDs "Gypsy Jam" & "Sleeping and Running"


With a gleam in his eye and a poetic spark in his soul, Oyvind Ougaard is the engine that keeps this train running.

During the last 20 years Oyvind Ougaard has been one of the most widely featured recording/studio musicians on accordion, with more than 300 recordings up to now.

His background as a pianist and keyboard player has influenced his accordion playing, which is both personal and colourful and influenced by many different genres. He has worked as a conductor, composer, organizer and producer, including for the entertainers Monrad & Rislund, whom he has worked for since 1983.

He is one of the few accordionists who takes advantage of the entire scale of the instrument and this rich base enhances the trio's performance.

info@trioklezmer.dk  -  phone : 20 83 50 62
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