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Press release:

An amazingly original presentation of World Music.
Just out is TRIO KLEZMER’S new CD containing klezmer-music and Yiddish Lieder.
On the CD entitled ”ES SCHEINT” Channe Nussbaum, Mette Smidl and Řyvind Ougaard
once again succeed in conveying the deep pain and colorful exuberance characteristic
of The Eastern European tradition in music that goes by the name of Klezmer.

The title-piece ”ES SCHEINT” is composed by Nussbaum. In a Jewish songbook she
came across an old text written by a Holocaust survivor.
The tune pays tribute both to those who survived and the many who perished.
But that TRIO KLEZMER aside from this manifestation is still out to create
a good time is evidenced by many of the other tracks.

TRIO KLEZMER plays an update brand of Klezmer-music and Yiddish Lieder going off
on tangents into the Gypsy tradition. This element among other things bears
the stamp of Mette Smidl who has Hungarian roots and played Gypsy-music alongside
with the classical schooling she received at the Copenhagen Music Conservatory.
Both in Denmark and internationally Channe Nussbaum is known to sing Klezmer-music
in her own unique way appearing in several different band-constellations:
Spielniks, Trio Klezmer, and Klezmofobia.
Řyvind Ougaard is a man-size accordionplayer who commands his instrument with perfection.

Over the last ten years TRIO KLEZMER has given many successful concerts both in Denmark
and abroad – the latest being an appearance at a klezmer-festival in Lithuania.

Recently the trio has also branched out into another area altogether.
Early in 2010 it thus created and performed the music for the play
”Master and Margarita” staged by Ĺrhus Theater.
Some of the cuts on the new CD ”ES SCHEINT” were composed specifically for this purpose.
Now that the CD is done and the theater-performance successfully completed
the time has come to meet TRIO KLEZMER at live-concerts in the country’s music-halls.
Performing live is where the trio’s music really comes into its own.

So, don’t miss out on TRIO KLEZMER!
  Channe Nussbaum: vocal
  Mette Smidl: violin
 Řyvind Ougaard: accordion

Press release:

The growing interest in klezmer music is easily understood when you have heard the trio Nussbaum – Smidl – Ougaard’s new CD "Trio Klezmer".

The Trio provides a charming addition to world music, which the German recording company Laika Records noticed long ago. An effort is made to release the CD on the international marked.

The concept is simple: violin, accordion and vocals blend sentimental ballads and speedy polkas based on the ancient forces which players through centuries found in themselves at celebrations.

With two widely acclaimed CDs with the band Spielniks and a number of concerts abroad, Channe Nussbaum has come forward as the Danish klezmer front figure. JyllandsPosten awarded the band with the label 'best live concert of the year 2001".

Mette Smidl´s violin playing is founded on two main elements: a solid foundation from classical music as well as the vibrance of the gypsy tradition, which she for many years has cultivated with her own trio and with the band Gypsy jam.

For the last 20 years Oyvind Ougaard has been the country's most in-demand studio/recording musician on accordion. With his enormous repertoire he is one of the few who uses the instrument's entire scale and he delivers a rich back-up for the trio's performance.

"We play traditional Jewish music; however, we include Hungarian and Rumanian gypsy instrumental stanzas in the middle of the songs, which fit well together" says the trio.

Danish critics have taken the new CD to their hearts:

"Channe Nussbaum's singing hits you right in the guts. It often begins in a modest tone, but quite shortly develops into the really grandiose drama, which sends a shiver down your spine and almost makes the tears run down your cheek. You have to be a real bore, if you don't get carried away”.
- Georg Metz, Danish daily Information, 25.03.02

”With Trio Klezmer, she has allied herself with the accordionist Oyvind Ougaard and the violinist Mette Smidl -
an ensemble of eminent musicians who are fully able to grasp the true essence of klezmer”.
- Kjeld Frandsen, Danish daily Berlingske Tidende, 03.04.02

So much for the CD: It's when played live in front of an audience that this kind of music really brings itself to full play, and an extra dimension is added through the interaction between musicians and audience.

info@trioklezmer.dk  -  phone : 20 83 50 62
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